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Irondale Community Centre

Irondale Community Centre is in the heart of Irondale and can host anything from day camp for kids, to craft shows, to weddings!

The land that the Ball Field and Community Centre sits on was given to Glamorgan Township.  In 1974 Joe Fecht had decided to sell his farm in Irondale. Prior to selling he approached Max Hancock about donating a section of his property to the township, thereby providing Irondale with a baseball field and outdoor park.  This land was to be used as a recreational park for the Irondale residents.  The Glamorgan Council at that time decided that they did not need the responsibility of another park.  An agreement wereby Snowdon township would purchase the land for $1.00 was made. The Irondale Ball Field and Community Centre is situated in Highlands East but is owned by Minden Hills.

The Irondale Community Centre Committee came into existance through a group of people expressing a need to have a meeting place, where people in our community could come together for social events and special occasions.

In 1999, an opportunity to obtain a school portable became available. Snowdon Township purchased a portable from the Haliburton School Board, it was moved to the ball field on the Old Irondale Road.  The building was inspected by officials to be sure it was a 'healthy' building.

Since then the community has been fundraising and working together to make it all happen.

Through generous donations by community members and friends of Irondale, we have been able to put in a basement, septic system, a well and a small addition that houses a kitchen and two washrooms.

The inside of the centre has been finished with beautiful pine.  The kitchen is drywall and painted, has three sinks for clean up, a frig, four burner stove & oven and a two door cooler supplying sufficient refrigeration.

New windows were donated by the Kinmount Lions Club, which was very much appreciated.  A group of volunteers installed them.  They not only look great but will save us money on our heating bill.  The summer heat is kept at bay using the blinds generously donated and installed by an anonymous donor.

Our fundraising efforts are now being focused on the basement.  An exterior entrance and stairs have been built.  When the basement walls have been drywalled, the area will be used for darts, shuffleboard, etc.  Pictures will be added soon.